"And when the lamb opened the seventh seal. Silence covered the Earth".

But which silence is it. Is it the silence of the lambs. Or the silence of the murdered children. Or the silence of the Second Life bloggers, who normally blog about every new gatcha and fashion item on the market. But when it comes to the massive genocide against the kid community that is currently going on, they fall silent.

Maybe they don't even know, because being a kid avatar puts you into a dark corner of society in the first place, and many seemingly tolerant people disassociate with you. In dubio contra reo.

What exactly is going on? Hundreds of child avatars have been banned since September 2016. Amongst them regular & casual visitors, clothes designers owning big brands, photographers and artists, gifted mesh designers, sim owners paying big bucks. With them, the majority of sims for the child community have been shut down or disappeared. Apparently it doesn't take much to get banned when you're small. Nobody knows exactly why they got banned since the victims are never told what evidence there is against them. Sure there might have been a few bad apples, but apparently it is sufficient to be in the wrong place, to be a member of a group falling into disgrace, or use OOC language in your IM. Nobody knows.

And it is no longer the result of psychopaths who are on a holy war. No, it appears to be a systematic purge by agents with the ability to use god mode and to read IMs and logs.

Please don't look at a ban as a mere nuisance, a technicality, or just a money issue, although some individuals have lost hundreds up to thousands of USD. The emotional invest, the time spent on perfecting an avatar, the social fabric, the pictures on mysecondlife, even the inventory built and accumulated over time can not be brought back, and people are hurt deeply in their real life. For God's sake, they cry.

Often the stores on the marketplace are left open after a ban, the continued income being pocketed by Linden Lab. This is an obvious property crime and a violation of creator's rights in certain European legal systems (which is different from the concept of copyright in the US legal system). However, non-US residents have little chance of taking legal action.

There have always been people with a holier-than-thou attitude who have been reporting kids (often people with double standards). But a massive killing of this scale has not been witnessed before. Obviously this is a corporate decision by Linden Lab. About the reasons and the timing one can only speculate. Some people say it may be related to the opening of Project Sansar in January 2017.

It is sad that at a time when the world gets used to diversity in the LGBT space, the witch-hunt turns to other perceived deviations, as long as there is some minority that can be safely tortured.

I'm signing off for the night. Be safe.


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